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Our Fleet

Minibus Liverpool brings a thrilling and divine fleet of vehicles guaranteed complete enhancement for any journey. Each cheap Liverpool Minibus Hire selection offers the opulence of traditional limousines while taking the prestige to an entirely higher level. We offer spacious standing room, which limousines fail to provide while continuing our infusion of elegant and spacious interiors. Specializing in regional and nationwide transportation, large capacity Minibuses Liverpool ranges and easy budget percentages creates a superior holiday adventure.

Our many cheap Minibuses in Liverpool choices bring clients to important functions including university or school trips, corporate meetings and out of town Business Events. Our Mini Coach Hire Liverpool fleet regularly delivers large groups of dedicated football fans for the big game as well as other Sport Events. Our Airport Transfers deliver and pick up airport arrivals and infuse decadent enjoyment when celebrating a Prom or Wedding. Safe and reliable driving processes guarantee the important and dependable designated driving resource when booking our Minibus Hire with driver in Liverpool. Stag and Hen parties, Anniversary celebrations or surprised Birthday Party guests optimally benefit when accessing our Minibus Hire with driver in Liverpool. A wonderful evening spent in town or a beautiful day trip spent sightseeing offers ultimate passenger capacity.

Our Minibus Company Liverpool location owns a large selection of modernized vehicles manufactured with the finest technical equipment. Our current models house today’s sophisticated operating systems while receiving stellar vehicular care from our Mechanical Supervisors. The intuitive and advanced skill our specialized technicians bring consists of the best maintenance our modernized fleet requires for proper performance.

Groups including any number choose from our cheap Liverpool Minibus Hire seating 8-10, 10-12 or 12-14 passengers. Your guest’s larger party need not worry as our cheap Minibuses in Liverpool ranges also include 15-16 and 17-18 passenger service. With our dedication toward the largest group capacity, our Coach Hire 36, 49 and 72 seat vehicles bring a huge party to the destination they desire. Our Mini Coach Hire Liverpool line formidably seats 24 guests for a fantastic traveling experience together.

The advanced Minibus Liverpool website provides the opportunity for selecting any of these fine choices when planning your next journey in Liverpool or throughout the United Kingdom. Adding toward luxurious splendour, clients may access sliding moon roofs, air-conditioning, DVD players, surround sound options and CD systems. While booking your features and fleet selection, including a fantastic personalized service offers pleasurable factors for every passenger in your party. Our Self-Drive program as well as our Airport Transfers offer added convenience for planned traveling. Choosing an Airport transfer adequately omits added airport traffic stresses while our Self-Drive option provides the freedom and ultimate privacy your group seeks. Any of these fine services reserves with confidential on-line processes included in our website system.

Minibus Liverpool owns one of the largest and best performing awesome fleets in the region. Every trip genre benefits when experiencing a special event on-board our luxury line of customized models. Bringing splendour offers an easy arrangement.